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Do you need a caretaker service for care homes, residential property, schools and colleges, and commercial premises? Patriots caretaker security service can be an economical and reliable solution that ensures your building is well-maintained and safe for all of its users.

If you are someone who is always travelling and doesn’t spend extend time in your home, it may not be wise to leave it unoccupied for a long time as it could become an easy target for burglars, squatters, and vandals or even falling to ruin due to lack of maintenance.

Or perhaps, you are a landlord who rents out apartments in your property, but in between rentals, you may want someone to carry our checks prior to new tenancies and don’t leave close to the property, or don’t have the time for it or it is simple beyond your capacity, hiring a caretaker would help lift this burden.

If you own a school, repairs and safety checks should be conducted from time to time to keep everyone on site safe. Other things such as preparation of meeting rooms, assembly halls and more have to be done on time and effectively to ensure the smooth day to day running of activities and to safeguard the students, staff and visitors.

Whatever your reason is, Patriot caretaker security service has the solution that can assist in providing top notch caretaker security service that is reliable and trustworthy. We ensure all health and safety regulations are adhered to in the course of protecting assets and eliminate the stress that often comes with keeping up with maintenance issues.


We offer a caretaker security service for a variety of locations which include:

  • Private homes

  • Offices

  • School

  • Commercial buildings

  • Residential apartments

  • Council buildings


Because of the nature of care taking required these different locations, we can provide a series of custom made solutions such as:

  • Airing vacant premises

  • Ensuring premises are health and safety compliant

  • Check for heating functionality

  • Testing sites

  • Checking condition of emergency and security lights

  • Checking and testing fire alarms

  • Testing gates

  • Testing smoke detectors

  • Checking condition of boilers

  • Waste management

  • Gritting roads, paths, and car parks

  • Testing intercoms

  • Checking and monitoring CCTV

  • Conducting routine repair and maintenance


If need a caretaker service for your home, school, office, or have other needs, we would be glad to discuss with you and find out about your unique requirements, then suggest a solution or package of services that can give you the peace of mind you deserve.

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