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corporate security



Patriots Security is proud to provide corporate and office security in London and across the UK. We are committed to providing our clients efficient and reliable solutions which include the most professional guards in the industry.


Regardless of the sector your organisation is in, our highly trained, licensed security guards can provide a range of services, from access control to concierge duties, CCTV surveillance and mobile patrols, ensuring you get the very best of protection.


If you are looking for a professional, dedicated, customer-friendly security company that can provide high-quality corporate security and prevent security breaches, contact Patriots Security today.



If you want to create a safe and secure environment for you, your staff, as well as visitors, our highly trained corporate security guards can help create a good impression, while ensuring your premises is constantly monitored and access-controlled.



If you are looking to create a relaxed and friendly atmosphere within the office, we will provide the unbeatable corporate security guards which will make everyone feel at ease and enjoy their activities.

We are one of the UK’s trusted providers of comprehensive corporate security solutions to all kinds of businesses, across a wide range of industries.


Do you require corporate security officers for your corporate building, hotel reception or you want mobile patrols who will patrol your warehouse site, we’ve got you covered. All our corporate security officers are licensed and trained to the highest standards you can find in the industry.


With Patriots Security, you can relax in the knowledge that our solution will be tailored to meet your specific corporate security needs, ensuring you get a first-class, personalised service. This is provided by highly trained corporate security experts who cover a wide range of skills, whether you are looking for surveillance, customer service, or patrolling.

We will be the visual deterrent you need to keep criminals away and minimise any threat of trespassing, theft, vandalism or any other crime. Not only are we a visual deterrent, but we will act fast to respond to any potential or real threats.


Our corporate security guards can perform multi-role capabilities, so you can keep costs down without having to compromise on other important services. Relax in the knowledge that at Patriots Corporate Security, it's our mission to ensure all solutions are delivered to meet the highest standards our customers expect.


As a leading providers for corporate security guard services, we can cover all the corporate security requirements of your company, whether large or small. If you are ready to take advantage of this unique serve, contact us today and we will provide a no-obligation quote.

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