event security



Whether concerts, conferences, exhibitions, speaking engagements or other kinds of events, they are always crowded and rowdy, which makes it is very important to have an effective security service like Patriots Security on hand. Our service involves professionals who plan and implement a superior event security system that keeps everyone safe.

We have a comprehensive approach to event security that seeks to address every potential vulnerability that could lead to a security breach before, during, and after the event. At Patriots Security, we guarantee that our team of high-trained, and vetted specialists will provide the safety of every staff, and guests by anticipating and managing any form of challenges that may occur in an event.


  • Manned guarding by uniformed and/or plain clothes security guards.

  • Crowd management to ensure everyone is controlled for crowd safety.

  • Access control to prevent unauthorised access by the wrong people to certain areas.

  • Entry screening of bags, body searches when entering the event location.

  • Gate attendants who uphold perimeter access points

  • Ushers stewarding people and assisting seating to amenities.

  • Car park management to ensure proper car parking and security of vehicles.

  • Traffic control for foot traffic specially to prevent overcrowding in congestive areas.


Patriot security guards are highly trained not just to provide security but to provide first aid in case of an emergency. Our clients are always reassured that should any medical emergency occur, our security personnel are knowledgeable about to manage the situation before emergency services arrive on scene. This is one of the ways we stand out in delivering all-round event security service.


When you contact us to find out about our event security service, we begin by conducting an in-depth risk assessment of your event. For example, we take into consideration the location of the event, the volume of visitors expected, target demographic, assets involved, amongst other details. We will then create a custom security solution according to the information provided that delivers thorough access control, visitor screening, crowd control, asset protection, contingency plans, and emergency evacuation. We will implement a security protocol that ensures that there are no security management conflicts between our professional team and internal staff.

We also liaise with law enforcement and local authorities to ensure their full cooperation and to establish and to keep an open line of communication, which will prove important in any rare case of an emergency. Our strict attention to detail means your London event will be a resounding success.

Give Patriot Security a call today to find out how we can help you organise a successful and safe event you will be happy about. We have professional agents who will gladly discuss your unique event security requirements, answer all your questions and provide options that will work for you, before providing a favourable quote. Just like our many satisfied clients, we believe that you will be happy to have us secure your event.