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healthcare and hospital security


Hospitals, clinics and other healthcare facilities are starting to understand the importance of hospital security services for their staff, those in their care, and visitors. This has made it necessary to high high-level, professional hospital security guards and officers on site to minimize threats such as trespassing, theft, vandalism, and violence, or even more serious incidents such as terror-related ones, fire that may require the attention that hospital staff cannot provide or have the skills to manage.

At Patriots Hospital Security Services, we provide modern, effective hospital security services & healthcare security services by providing highly trained, licensed and insured hospital security guards, technology solutions and bespoke support solutions that ensure employees and patients are always safe at your London healthcare facility or hospital, regardless of size, layout, or location.


When you contact us for healthcare security services, our hospital security team will come over to your facility for a on-site risk assessment. Then we will consult with staff to determine the best solution that meets their needs. At the end, you are provided with a bespoke solution that ensures all possible security solutions are covered in your healthcare facility or hospital. This includes monitoring healthcare solutions such as CCTV, reception duties and entry and access control. Our professional hospital security services & healthcare security guards services will ensure no authorised access to your facility or hospital. The safety of staff, patients and visitors is our number one priority.


At the core of our healthcare security services is our team of dedicated and professional hospital security guards, who are experienced in providing healthcare security services. We just don’t pick random people and make them hospital security guards. We strictly vet and do background checks on our employees, then provide in-hours training tailored to the healthcare industry. This ensures they are aware and prepared for the likely threats they will face while providing healthcare and hospital protection and know the tools to use in managing those threats.

Besides just security guards that can give you the security your facility needs, we also consider the personality of our healthcare officers when assigning them to a location. The healthcare industry is unique in that guards have to empathetic, kind and approachable as they will be dealing with sickly and vulnerable people. Our hospital security officers understand what is required with this job and provide the best fit for your healthcare facility or hospital.


As healthcare, and patients enter and leave high-risk facilities, we know that it is essential that they are aware and constantly reminded of the risks and how to protect themselves and others. This why our hospital security guards are trained on Covid-19 prevention protocols such as encouraging the use of face masks in and out of healthcare facilities and hospital, regular washing of hands, providing hand sanitisers and deep cleaning, maintaining social distancing, using thermal screening, and much more.

Patriots Hospital Security is trusted by many healthcare facilities and hospitals across London because of the excellent solutions we provide. Contact us today for all your healthcare & hospital security needs. We would be glad to discuss with you on how to enhance the level of security at your facility or hospital, provide a complimentary quote and suggest the best solution that will work for you.

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