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restaurant and hotel security



Hotel security is extremely important in the hospitality business. Locations such as hotels and restaurants need to have guests, employees and assets safe and secured using hotel & hospitality security, as they are critical to the operation of the business. Patriots hotel & hospitality security provides hospitality & hotel security guards that distinguishes your business and impresses on customers and employees. When you employ visible hospitality & hotel security measures that Patriots Security provide, you demonstrate to everyone that they can feel safe on your premises and management has their best interest at heart, which generates more sales for your hotel or restaurant.

At Patriots Hotel Security, we understand how important hospitality, restaurant and hotel security is, which is why we provide the staff, and tools that help to deliver a custom security system just for you. Our team of hospitality & hotel security specialists have been trained to deliver air-tight protection in a professional and friendly manner. In this industry, image is important, so we assign hospitality & hotel security guards and officers who have prior experience in customer service in the hospitality industry so that they can smoothly integrate into this environment. We deliver a hospitality security service in London that complements your existing work processes, and seamlessly integrates into current staff and company vision without affecting anything.


Hospitality, hotels and restaurants welcome everyone, wherever and whoever they may be, but this can create problems as some visitors and other people can pose a threat to staff and other customers. Therefore, to ensure maximum safety, our hospitality security service places guards at strategic, high traffic areas around your hotel or restaurant. The presence of these personnel creates a strong deterrence for intending troublemakers, whilst their discretion ensures the peace and enjoyment of guests are not disturbed when dealing with any hospitality security situation. We know that hospitality, hotel and restaurant security is successful when the relaxed and welcoming environment that guests are enjoying is not compromised.


At Patriots Security, we have an excellent hospitality & hotel security personnel service that is composed of multi-skilled hospitality & hotel security guards that have been highly trained in delivering the best security in the field. We conduct intensive in-house training to bring our hospitality & hotel security guards up to speed with hospitality security requirements, which let’s them bring their A-game every time and quickly spot potential threats or troublemakers. They know how to enforce the rules and diffuse tense situations, bring amicable resolutions and provide guests with the peace of mind they are seeking in your establishment. Our hospitality security guards have extensive experience in security and the necessary skills to perform their duties effectively. This combined with their understanding of the hospitality industry means you will be working with personnel that are top notch professionals, and will keep your interests and those of your customers as the number one priority in providing a first class security service.


If you own a hotel, restaurant, or any other establishment providing hospitality services in London, you should know you are responsible for any security breach in your facility. It is extremely important that you hire high-trained and motivated security guards to protect your hotel or restaurant and the people in it. Ensure you do your homework when choosing to hire a security firm to do the job. You want professionals who understand the nuance of protecting this kind of facility, will act with care and understanding of who and where they are protecting. Contact us if you are looking for the most comprehensive hotel & hospitality security professionals around.

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