retail security



Business owners are finding retail security at independent stores, and outlets increasingly more challenging. Shoppers, employees, and vendors in retail stores can no longer depend simply on the limited retail security, which is usually one uniformed guard at the entrance. Retail operators, on the hand, should be able to provide the best retail security solutions that will prevent security threats on their premises. This can be quite challenging because it is not like office buildings. Retail location are open to the public and have a high foot traffic that makes security quite complex.

At Patriots Security, we are experienced and knowledgeable about addressing challenges in retail security using many different approaches.


Our retail security guards have undergone extensive retail shop security training. We do this to ensure our guards are highly skilled in detection, crowd management, and conflict resolution. The guards are trained to discreetly apprehend shoplifters and to minimise any disruption to services or distraction to other shoppers. In addition, all our retail security guards are licensed and have undergone background checks. If you need less visible presence, Patriots Security can also provide less visible plainclothes guards with additional layer of shop security to monitor the shop floor.

Trade loss and shrinkage of inventory happens to every retail operation and at some point. However, if left unchecked, loss from pilferage, theft, and supplier collusion could greatly affected the profits of any business. We have designed loss prevention retail security solutions that help to mitigate your loss, which include inspecting storerooms, analysing supplier deliveries, conducting end-of-shift checks, and checking employee locker rooms.

Due to the large number of people that visit shopping malls, they are an increasingly likely target for those who want to attempt terror acts. Our retail security guards will do extensive on-site review and risk assessment to determine the glaring weaknesses, which terrorist can exploit. Our retail security guards are trained to look out for characters that are suspicious, deal with unattended items and implement other precautionary measures that help to prevent acts of terrorism a part of our retail approach.

Should something serious occur, you can trust our retail security guards to act decisively, drawing on their extensive training and experience to follow established protocol and secure the area every way possible. You need to have high confidence in retail security in times like this and with the retail security guards we provide, you can rest assured our number one priority is to keep you safe all the time.


Contact us today and we will be glad to provide a complimentary consultation and quotation, to see how we can help provide retail security to your store, with our experienced security guards. We will provide a bespoke solution tailored towards your specific needs of your store and location.