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school security


Security threats faced in schools across London are growing. Nurseries, colleges and universities are seeing increasing threats whether internally and externally and this is becoming a worry for families, school administrators and the community in general. From threat of intrusion, the potential of drugs and banned substances and items finding their way in to schools or violence, several problems are arising due to the lack security as a result in schools. When a well-coordinated school security presence does not exist in schools, there will always be the potential for harm to come to our children.

School Security Company

It is therefore crucial that educational establishments seek help by hiring professional school security services like Patriots School Security to protect schools and ensure the people who visit the school daily are safeguarded.

Patriots security company have experience providing first class security for schools and educational facilities and our professionalism sets us apart from other school security companies. Therefore, you can trust and be wholly assured that your school or educational establishment will be well protected when you work with us.


There are several important criteria to consider when providing security in schools and number one is security guards that will keep an eye on every activity within and around the school


Patriots security company have the best school security guards in London who have been fully trained, thoroughly vetted and screened. Before they are sent out to provide security in schools, our guards undergo rigorous in-house training centered on providing security in schools, an understanding of likely threats that may surface in this school environment and how to respond accordingly.


We train our school security guards to be approachable, kind, and willing to integrate into the of the school and community. This is especially important when they will be working with young children in school. We don’t just assign any kind of person to schools, instead, we assign guards that have the personality as much as the experience and our school security guards go on to become highly valued members of the school community.


We train our school security officers to carry out any or all of the following to ensure the highest standards of security in a school:

  • Manned school security guarding

  • Screen and welcome in staff, students and visitors

  • Screen packages

  • Parking management and enforcement

  • Provide customer services

  • Inner and outer perimeter patrol

  • Watch entry and exit points

  • Conduct fire alarm and evacuation tests

  • Respond to and manage emergency situations

  • Implement search procedures on humans, bags, vehicles, etc.

  • Report incident and journal reports

  • Provide first aid.


Once we receive a request to provide school security in a nursery, college, or university, we first listen to your requirements, then proceed to conduct a site evaluation for risk analysis and to determine the current level of education security and possible threats. Then we design a bespoke school security solution tailored to your budget and need, which will enhance the safety of everyone and property on site.

If you are ready to improve you approach to education security in your school, why not contact Patriot Security today? We will be happy to discuss a solution and get you on the way to ensuring adequate security for your educational establishment.

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