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Here at Patriots Security, we offer a premium level of security to a range of different sectors, industries and locations, all of which are tailor made to the unique requirements of each individual client. We have worked in many of London's busiest hotspots, from lush residential areas to nightclubs, corporate buildings, and even healthcare facilities. Each of these projects offers a specialist security guard approach which is suited to its surroundings and expectations, making sure each customer feels completely satisfied with the service that they receive. 


Whether you're searching for a more basic level of security for low risk areas or a highly skilled team that can offer one on one guard protection, we have the resources and staff necessary to meet and even surpass your requirements. Having worked alongside many companies in the capital city with its bustling high speed nature, we understand better than most that each and every business has its own unique wants and needs, as well as its own risks and dangers that need attention. We are more than happy to discuss your individual expectations in order to generate a plan that offers you complete peace of mind. 


The aim of our specialist team is to ensure that every single one of our clients chooses only the very best security services for their business, helping to maintain and protect all of your hard work, time and money by identifying and resolving a range of different problems and issues.

car park security and traffic managemen


restaurant and hotel security



construction scurity


residential and home security


corporate security


retail security


healthcare and hospital security


school security







event security



We offer bespoke solutions for car park security, as over 80% of crimes committed in public happen in car parks, including break-ins, car theft, muggings and physical assault due to the quiet and often dark nature of the environment itself. 


As construction sites are high value targets for thieves due to expensive materials and machinery, we ensure our security services can prevent theft whilst also eliminating staff safety concerns, helping your team operate with peace of mind.


We provide corporate security solutions utilising the most professional guards in the industry, offering a variety of services from access control to concierge duties, CCTV surveillance and mobile patrols to maintain your stock, equipment, and more.


Locations such as hospitals, clinics and other healthcare facilities need expert security services for the sake of their staff, those in their care, and any visitors. Threats such as trespassing, theft, vandalism, and violence must be handled by those who have proper training, so that hospital staff are able to focus on the task at hand. We can cover all of these responsibilities for you. 


Places such as hotels and restaurants need to have guests, employees and any assets safely secured at all times - when you make an effort to use visible security tactics that our specialist team can provide, you will demonstrate to each of your customers and staff that they are out of harm's way whilst on your premises, which may even help to generates more sales or improve your reputation as a result.

Criminals such as burglars, intruders, and vandals are a larger threat for residential properties than you may expect, especially for those who own properties that are of higher value. Worrying for your family's safety due to attempted break ins can affect your quality of life and even encourage trauma, so residential security should always be a main priority for the sake of your loved ones and investments. Our residential security services keep London's homes safe.


Retail security is more challenging than ever, as you cannot depend on the limited security of one guard at the entrance. With an ever adapting group of criminals aiming to slip through the net, retail premises need to step up their game to catch and stomp out unlawful behaviour. Though this can be challenging as retail locations are open to the public and have a high flow of traffic, we have years of experience to help you reduce the risk.

Places like nurseries, schools and universities encounter a number of different threats, from intrusion to violence and even the occurrence of illicit or controlled substances, and this is largely due to a lack of security in the education sector. Implementing a rigorous security system inside each school facility is essential if you wish to maintain a good level of safety for each and every child and teacher, and you can rest assured that your educational facility is in good hands no matter what happens when you utilise our education security services. 


If you are ready to improve your approach to security, then why not contact Patriot Security today? We will be more than happy to discuss an array of potential solutions, and set you on the right track towards ensuring adequate security for your unique property or premises.

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