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car park security and traffic managemen



At Patriots Security, we offer bespoke solutions for car park security in London. When car parks are not monitored or secured, they can become a haven for criminals. Did you know that over 80% of crimes committed in public happen at the car parks. From break-ins to car theft, mugging or physical assault. Criminals are always waiting to take advantage of these secluded and often dark spots to perpetrate their acts. The need for car park security is rising across London, and all over the UK.


Patriots Security is a professional security company that is committed to ensuring the safety and comfort of people when using car parks. We provide a blend of highly trained, legally qualified, eagle-eyed alert security guards and top class security equipment to address the big issues with regards to car park safety that is a concern to not just the owners but the users of the areas as well. All our guards have all the necessary skills and expertise to provide effective car park security services that meet your requirements.


We ensure individuals and staff feel safe by helping you company build a positive reputation for their car park. We work with our car park security clients to create an environment that is deterrent to would-be criminals.


From loitering to vandalism, we focus on several car park security measures to assist you. Some of these include the following:

  • Ensuring the elimination of dark corners around the car park by ensuring adequate lighting

  • Conduct regular foot patrol of stairwells, lifts and any other areas that lead to the car park

  • Observe and remove any suspicious or loitering characters from the car park to minimize risk of theft and vandals and enforce clear presence

  • Screen outgoing cars to ensure it is owners in them and that they have valid tickets or permits for access to the car park

  • Enforce parking policies to boost safety of vehicles and human life in and around the car park

  • Maintaining a daily log of car park activities for analysis


When we meet with our clients, we discuss their needs and expectations, schedule a evaluation of the facility, and provide professionals for security and management work. Our expert car park security guards will also walk with clients to and from the building to their car in the car park during and after operating hours. This helps to make customers feel safer especially at night. Our security guards will also be on the lookout for maintenance issues if they find any, and will report it to ensure the safety of the car park.

Any serious company will take their car park needs seriously and we are always on hand provide much-needed safety and assurances for people who use it. At Patriots Security, we don’t joke with your security, whether it’s for a busy corporate event or a residential area. We provide car park security anywhere and at any time. Protect your car park in the best possible way with our professional assistance and at affordable prices.


If you would like to discuss how to improve your car park security, get in touch with us and we will gladly provide a consultation and price quote that suits your needs.

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