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residential and home security



In London and across the UK, burglars, intruders, and vandals are a big threat to homes and residential properties that are of high-value. You don’t want a situation where you and your family have to constantly worry about break-ins or deal with the trauma after an unfortunate situation. This makes residential security a big priority.

Patriots Residential Security London provides top-class private residential security services in London. We tailor our protection services to the needs of individual clients. We take time to listen to your requirements, including the level of involvement and expectations required. What’s more? Our professional and experienced residential security guards are always effective and discreet, ensuring you get unrivalled private residential security protection from all forms of home security threats.


Our private residential security staff are highly trained and professionally licensed, with ample law enforcement and security experience and keep you safe and at peace. We recruit based on personality and capability in working with the public within London. When it comes to residential security, guards are expected to be polite, approachable, personable, and discreet so that the individuals or families are comfortable with their residential security presence, especially those that have children at home.


We employ a multidisciplinary approach to providing residential security in London. This let’s us detect and neutralise threats early. This level of preparedness and efficiency is achieved by carefully studying your location in London and its surroundings strictly demands proper organisation and planning. We coordinate with law enforcement and London homeowners to mitigate potential risks so that the client can focus on relaxing at home without any fear or stress. We implement a range of protective measures for residential security, depending on what you want. Such measures include:

  • Residential patrols

  • Manned guarding

  • Residential alarm systems

  • CCTV security system

  • Scanners for packages and posts

  • Professional drivers

Depending on your preferred focus, we tailor your approach to providing high-quality residential security in London. Whether you are looking for manned guarding to act as deterrent to threats or installation of residential alarm system and CCTV surveillance, we help to bring this together to ensure you get the private residential security you want.

Our team is ready to provide residential security whether you are in your home with your family, out on vacation away from your London home, or want to ensure that while you are away, other members of your family will always be protected. With us, you can rest assured your property is safe and secured 24 hours a week in London. We have experienced residential security professionals who will readily provide the service you need.


Our dedication and unwavering commitment to providing unparalleled residential security service exclusively in London makes us the residential security company of choice in the city. We provide highly experienced security staff and advanced residential security in London through alarm systems and CCTV surveillance with people and equipment that will ensure your safety is top priority. We continue to provide clients with residential security services that improves their lives. Our teams work hard with clients to carefully plan customised residential security solutions that protects them and their assets, and with us always on top of the latest developments and trends in London residential security, we ensure our clients get the comprehensive residential security service that their property deserves.

Contact us if you would like to discuss our London residential security services further and how it can benefit you and your family. We will be glad to answer any residential security questions and suggest a combination of measures that would protect you and your loved ones the most.

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