construction scurity



Construction sites are soft, but high-value targets for thieves because of the expensive material and costly machinery and parts that lie there. With the right construction security in place, construction companies can prevent or stop theft. This will also eliminate staff safety concerns and consequent delays that can impact on construction progress. The wise thing for construction companies to do is to partner with a competent construction security firm that can ensure the absolute protection of their people, assets, and premises.


With our first-class range of security services, Patriots Security will provide a custom solution that confidently protects all your assets and employees. When it comes to construction security in London, we combine highly trained security officers, standard operating procedures, and advanced technologies for a comprehensive on-site construction security service.


Our construction security solutions include the provision of manned security guards that will be based on your premises, monitoring of CCTV camera and alarm systems. From groundwork to completion, Patriots Security can offer you peace of mind all the way. Our manned guarding provides a visible deterrent that ensures the protection of construction site and staff.


Our highly skilled construction guards have the skills, mobile patrols, gatehouse security and trained to aid with deliveries and waste management. We know how risky construction sites are, and that is why our guards are first aided security offices that can provide assistance if any issues crop up.


Our expert team will make it their sole responsibility to ensure your site, property, personnel and equipment are protected.


We provide construction security for the different types of construction sites, which include:


  • Retail fit-outs

  • New housing developments

  • Warehouse constructions

  • Hotel refurbishments

  • Luxury installations

  • Demolition sites

  • Office restructuring

  • Show rooms


Our trained and licensed construction security guards deliver a fully integrated surveillance service that meets your security requirements. Not only do we keep your machinery and other tools secure, we watch over other areas on site dealing with traveller and homeless issues which are often associated with empty construction sites. Our guards maintain tight access control and ensure no unauthorised person enters the site.


Patriots Security implement high standard security guarding and implementation of quality management tools on all of our sites. We satisfy clients by engaging all the needed processes to keep the construction area safe and operating according to industry standard. We maintain a daily log sheet that lets client to be updated with security issues that might have come up during the on site guard operation. Our construction security guards have been properly trained on escalating serious situations to the control room where if required, emergency services can be requested. We appreciate communicating with you and schedule regular on-site inspection to come over and check how well our guard is working.


We implement precise handover procedures which ensures the guard that leaves passes all the information and any unresolved issues to the next guard or site manager.


You can trust our guards with the keys to your site to open before construction work resumes and lock up once it ends. We keep a register that indicates who has the key and a comprehensive sign in and out procedure that ensures access control.


Whether you require short-term or long-term security in one or more sites, Patriots Security has the solution just for you. Speak to us today for a free quote and to take full advantage of our full range of construction security services.